K is a singer and songwriter who combines paradoxical, unconventional and sometimes politically tinged lyrics with a melancholic voice.

“I don’t know why I started making music. I remember I enjoyed singing at a very young age. I also tried to write lyrics. With the help of an old dictionary as good as I possibly could write because I must have been about 10 years old then.
One of my favourite things to do next to singing and writing was making my own stars on 45 tapes by using two tape recorders and a mic. It was at the time I became a hugh ABBA fan. One evening, I was already asleep but still grateful for my parents for waking me and creating this wonderful memory for I watched Dancing Queen on a late night tv special in 1976. My parents knew I wanted to hear all the songs and to know everything about those four people every minute of my young life. From that time I would decorate my entire bedroom with every item I could find of Abba. I wallpapered ABBA posters and out takes from music magazines all over my room, including the ceiling.
ABBA were my first inspirators to creating music and to keep on singing. The piano too, had hugh appeal to me. So the piano followed – that is – an electronic organ because it was delivered with headphones.
Off and on I took singing lessons and sang in several bands. In 2011 I formed Kae. The first song I wrote was Phenomenon and in a band called Angels Of Silence I got the chance to perform it. After the Angels split Alex and I met and we started writing songs together for the project we called Silent Project Cooperation. Up to this day Alex and I work together in a songwriting partnership called K & Von Elzer.”