Well worth the wait

I have previously heard a couple of demo versions of K performing this song and  I loved them 
very much but it's an absolute joy to hear the final studio version. Love the guitar/instrumentation
as well as the different arrangement and refreshing feel of a song that I know very very well indeed.
As ever Ks voice is achingly beautiful, haunting and dare I say it Angry as this is plainly a subject and 
a song that means so much to the artists. A very well done to all and although I don't speak one
word of Dutch Ks wonderful voice means that I cannot wait to hear the Dutch version. If you love
this song like I do check out some of the artists other work on you tube.

Stuart Douglas

(Source: CDBaby K & Von Elzer: Meat Is Murder (Morrissey/Marr) 30 June 2019)